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Tips to Regular Professional Protection and Maintenance for your Car

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Tips to Regular Professional Protection and Maintenance for Your Car

Scotch guard Application protection to keep your vehicle in top shape.
The Scotch Guard protection applicant developed by 3M for vehicle use is essential to increasing the life of your vehicle. Spills, dampness, muck and grime all take a toll on fabric and leather. UV rays break down vinyl’s, cloth and other materials as well. Stay protected! A Scotch Guard application repels harmful contaminants and defends against the harmful damages from Ultra Violet rays. Spills? No problem. Scotch Guard makes them an easy clean up with its protective layer. Perfect for the busy family. It also saves you money! Protecting your investment means a higher resale value down the road.

Leather and Vinyl Protector– Creates an invisible protective layer against the damaging effects of ultraviolet light.
Fabric Protector – Spills wipe off easily instead of being absorbed immediately into fabric seats.
Carpet Protector – Dirt, mud, slush and grease are easier to clean off the carpet.

Exterior Paint protection
Beautiful as the weather here is, it’s harmful to your vehicle. Factors such as, UV rays, acid rain, bird droppings, and other airborne pollutants and chemicals are corrosive and destructive to your finish causing your paint to fade before its time and unevenly at that. Our exterior protective sealant guards against protects against these elements, keeping your vehicle looking great!

Decontaminate and 100% Carnauba Wax
Created to remove the particulate debris and contaminants that washing and polishing can’t, our exclusive Clay Bar System will remove embedded grains of metal, tree sap, airborne environmental deposits and paint overspray. Better yet, clay bar isn’t hazardous to your paint—it’s just firm enough to pick up the bad stuff, without being too aggressive. We recommend a clay bar treatment to remove stubborn and corrosive grime, paving the way for a complete wax!
Carnauba Wax, the ultimate in vehicle protection. Preferred as the number 1 wax protection application by true enthusiasts and professionals alike for its rich and multi-faceted glow! There is nothing like the dazzling shine of a Carnauba waxed car! Our Ultra Shine Wax pro’s will painstakingly and lovingly apply the wax by hand, to your vehicle. They love what they do and it shows. You won’t recognize your car!

Upholstery Repair
No one likes the appearance of rips, cracks, holes and scratches in your interior. Rest assured, the can be repaired. We will assess the material, the stress on the blemish and what caused it, and handle it accordingly. Only the best of materials and products go into our upholstery services. Once we fix it up good as new, we may also be able to advice you as to the nature of the problem and possibly strengthen and avoid a reoccurrence

Aluminum Wheel Repair
Divots, scrapes and chips from road debris and curb damage are the most prevalent problems your wheels are going to experience. Ultra Shine can bring them back! We offer an Aluminum Wheel Repair service to grind out and file down the damaged high spots, fill and smooth the divots and scratches, a final buff and polish and create a beautiful finish once again.

Paintless Dent Repair is the most economical service we offer.
Our services to remove and repair small dents are considerably cheaper than a traditional body shop. In some cases up to 75%. It has been said by some that the service to fix all of the dents the came in with was cheaper than the ICBC deductible to do just one. Aside from price, the value to your vehicle is mentionable. Body shops use fillers and paint, reducing the overall worth of your car. Paintless dent repair does not. In fact, many body shops are now using Paintless Dent repair services like ours to address the needs of their customers.

We at Rambo Car Care provide your with the all above professional car protection and repairs to suit your need. Ask us how we can help!

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