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Tips on Why You Should Hire a Professional for Effective Car Protection During the Winter

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Tips on Why You Should Hire a Professional for Effective Car Protection During the Winter

More than 5 million tons of salt have been dumped on Canadian roads ever since the 1930’s to facilitate for safer driving during winter. Essentially, road salt is considered to be the best and most cost effective solution for de-icing roads in North America. However, besides snow, road salt accounts for a large problem for Canadian motorists.

What damage does road salt cause to motorists during winter?

To begin with, when water and air combine they normally form a crust when they make contact with a car’s body, which fast tracks rusting. Also, this corrosion if not checked, can spread to other critical components such as brakes, fuel lines and even electrical connections. When it comes to the interior damage attributable to road salt, it usually melts off shoes when you or other passengers board your vehicle and stains your car’s interior carpeting. This in the long run seeps into your vehicle’s floorboard and rots it out. With that fully understood, here then are some tips for optimal car protection for Canadian winter you should know.

What can you do to protect your car from road salt?

For the exterior part of your vehicle, rust proofing can be most practical solution. The best rust proofing sprays are those formulated with a light mineral based oil. These products can effortlessly get into door seams, folds, joints and even weld spots. It is important to note that these particular areas are where corrosion normally commences. A thick gel oil can be useful in rust proofing your car’s underbody, wheel walls as well as rocker panels. Waxing and the application of a quality polish can be an excellent way to anticipate harsh winter storms. This allows you to safeguard your vehicle’s paint work from constant exposure to corrosive road salt.

The application of more wax frequently is particularly necessary for red, black and white cars. This is because such colors are more prone to acid rain. A suitable sealant protection will also prevent the de-painting’ of your vehicle. A superior sealant can last for much more longer and will necessitate lesser re-applications during the cold winter months. After every rain or snow pour, make it a point to wash the underbody of your vehicle. Always go for car wash establishments, which don’t utilize recycled water. Additionally, avoid driving through large pools of stagnant water that might be saturated with road salt. Finally, if your vehicle accrues any chipping larger than the tip of a pen, you should repair instantly.

Professional winter car protection services

With the onset of winter rapidly approaching, and you feel overwhelmed by the tips offered above, it can be advisable to settle for professional services. These establishments are well versed with all finer points of car protection for Canadian winter than you could ever be. The best of them also utilize professional grade products for rust proofing, waxing and sealant protection products. Even better, most of them are hand car wash experts. This implies they can efficiently do away with any road salt accumulation on your car with comprehensive shampooing techniques. On a parting shot, Rambo Car Care is one of the top automotive care companies in Toronto. This means they are in an excellent position for providing professional winter car protection services. Please feel free to click on this link for additional information http://rambocarcleaning.com

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