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Why DIY Car Detailing Is A Bad Idea

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Car detailing is the process of performing operations that ensure your vehicle is in good condition. This form of servicing specifically looks at the external and cosmetic appearance of your car. It may involve the removal of different components of the car to clean, polish, paint, or mend. However, as professional car detailing can be expensive, many individuals consider doing DIY or do-it-yourself detailing.

While the DIY approach can save you tons of money, if you aren’t a professional when it comes to detailing, you must reconsider this approach. Carrying out car detailing with limited knowledge and expertise can lead to several negative outcomes that are challenging to reverse. To show just how bad things can get when you take on this activity with insufficient experience and understanding, Rambo Car Care has explained why DIY car detailing is a bad idea.

1. Damage to health and the vehicle
Many people do not know much about the products they are using, which can be harmful to their health and car. For example, rim acid, which is used to clean rims and easily found at hardware stores, can cause damage to the lungs if the appropriate safety precautions are not taken. It can also cause damage to the rims if one does not have experience in using the product. Misusing rim acid or cleaning the car rims when they are hot can lead to some severe damage. Cleaning chrome rims with acid can make them look muted and faded. To fix this, one will likely need a minimum of $300 or more.

2. Financial implications
Though a DIY detailing job might offer some initial savings, if one damages their vehicle, it can cost up to $1500 to repair it. On the other hand, If an individual gets their detailing done by a professional, all of these expenses can be avoided.

3. Shabby work
After watching a few videos on YouTube or reading articles on car detailing, one doesn’t become an expert in auto detailing. This task requires knowledge and expertise acquired through experience. At the same time, to ensure it’s executed correctly, one must use quality products. If not, they could do more damage than good. When an inexperienced person paints a car, there are high chances of spots showing up in the paint on account of poor application, the car wasn’t cleaned properly, or it was in the sun during or after painting it. To fix this problem, you’ll need to redo the paint, which will cost over $1500. Similarly, when trying to spruce up the interiors, using the wrong kind of cleaning liquids or using them incorrectly can discolor the fabric or leather of the seats. To fix a small spot, the minimum cost is $300.

Do things right - Hire a professional
When it comes to automobiles, many of the services related to the exterior coating of vehicles require certification before becoming an installer. Dealers like Ceramic Pro and several others offering materials for car detailing will only sell their products to certain shops with the appropriate certification. That way, they can avoid the misuse of their products and prevent non-professionals from using them incorrectly.

To obtain certification as an automobile detailing expert, you must have sufficient knowledge of the job along with experience. To acquire these requirements and a certificate, you can take up college courses specifically designed for receiving car detailing certification. Once you complete your college education, you’ll need to work as an apprentice under an experienced professional. You’ll also need to acquire certifications in specific areas to use certain detailing products.

If you aren’t ready to commit to this level of expertise, it’s best to hire an experienced expert to detail your car. An expert will provide you with refined skills to complete the job correctly on the first attempt. That way, your vehicle stays in great shape and doesn’t sustain any damages.

They will also have access to specific products, which will not be readily available to uncertified individuals. A certified expert will even know the right products and chemicals to use for certain materials and fabrics to avoid discolorations and destruction.

Just remember when looking for a car detailing expert, it is essential to choose an individual or company that is experienced, certified, and has an excellent reputation in the market. These experts will ensure top quality services and deliver value for money. If you’re wondering how much they charge, that usually depends on what you want to have done. The primary charges range from $200 to $400. In addition to the service required, the type of vehicle being serviced, also plays a part in determining the costs incurred.

For certified car cleaning and detailing services in Toronto, ON, reach out to Rambo Car Care. We’ve been providing our professional services to clients for over eighteen years now and are proud of the service quality we offer. When clients come to us, we ensure that the damages associated with the day-to-day use of their vehicle are addressed to extend the life of their car and reduce repair costs in the future. All of our cleaning and detailing services are performed by hand to pay attention to detail. That way, our service is always on point and our clients are thoroughly satisfied.

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