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Are Disinfectant And Seal Services Right For My Vehicle?

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As a car owner, if you want to prolong your vehicle’s life and ensure that it is safe for use, maintaining it is vital. Washing your vehicle both on the inside and outside is an essential part of the maintenance process. However, most individuals focus only on cleaning the exteriors as this is the most visible part of their car.

If you look closely at the interiors of your car, you will notice that it has many areas where bacteria can grow and infect the entire atmosphere on the inside. When you sit in this dusty, grimy, and contaminated space, you become susceptible to allergies and illnesses. Moreover, the interiors of your car get ruined rather quickly.

To help you eliminate and prevent harmful bacteria and contaminants from continuing to grow in your vehicle, Rambo Car Care offers disinfectant and seal services. Keep reading to see how they work and if they are suitable for your needs.

What do our disinfectant and seal services ensure?

To guarantee clean and safe car interiors, we use the ABC method of cleaning. The ABC method refers to anti-bacterial cleansing solutions® by the green tagging ™ process. To initiate the process, we completely disinfect your vehicle before the cleaning process is started. We then use a disinfected cloth and highly effective biodegradable cleaners to cleanse the interiors of your car.

We clean all types of surfaces, including cloth, rubber, vinyl, and leather. All of these surfaces are wiped to prepare them for the sealant. Following this, we seal all hard surfaces using the latest electrostatic delivery technology (EDT). The EDT process wraps all surfaces with the sealant and covers them to discourage bacterial growth. We use the EDT process for the second and final step in disinfecting your vehicle.

We even test the interiors of your car using the most advanced surface contaminant measuring system to ensure they meet the pass/failure target of under 500 parts per million of contamination.

What are the benefits of our disinfectant and seal services?

Our disinfectant and seal services come with three major benefits. They include:

a. The elimination of harmful contaminants and bacteria growing within certain areas in your vehicle (especially those that are hard to reach). 

b. The sealing off all hard surfaces to prevent contaminants from continuing to grow.

c. The protection of passengers within your car from viruses, bacteria, and pollutants.

How can you verify if our services are legitimate?

The best way to check if our services or the services of other car cleaning companies are genuine is to ask questions. One key question to ask is if we have experience in our field. You need to ensure that you are working with a professional familiar with providing this type of service.

Another question you need to ask is if we use biodegradable products and if our disinfectant DIN (Drug Identification Number) is registered. It is essential to avoid the use of any harsh or household chemicals when cleaning your vehicle as these can damage the interiors of your car.

Next, don’t forget to check if we are using the right equipment to apply their cleaning products.

How much do our disinfectant and seal services cost?

The cost of our car cleaning services depends on the kind of vehicle you want to have disinfected and sealed. You can always reach out to us by giving us a call at 416 225 0877 for more information about our fees and what they include. By talking to us before scheduling a disinfectant and seal services, you can learn how to prepare your vehicle, how often you need to have your car cleaned on the inside, etc.

For more information on our car cleaning services, please reach out to our team at Rambo Car Care. We offer fast car cleaning and detailing services in Toronto, ON. We are available to clients for disinfectant and seal requirements on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis. We also offer an alternative to our disinfectant and seal solutions, which is regular vehicle cleaning and detailing.

But, this form of cleaning must be done frequently to ensure the surfaces inside your car are sanitized and safe. On the other hand, the disinfectant and sealing service offers a higher level of protection for a longer period. Additionally, our high-quality car cleaning services ensure that many of the damages associated with day-to-day use of your vehicle are addressed to extend its life.

To learn more about our services, please click here or get in touch with us by clicking here

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